The Difference-maker in remanufactured valve body replacements

09K/09M - Remanufactured Valve Body

Part No. 95-111C

2003 - 04, With Pressure Switches

Part No. 95-111D

2005 - 07, W/O Pressure Switches

Part No. 95-111DS

2007 - 13, Small Can Solenoids


09K/09M Transmission heat exchanger (cooler) is not attached to the transmission.

It's separate (Remote) from the transmission.

09K/09M Lube Feed (Open)

ProProven Tips:

TCM Relearn                                  

Volver a aprender TCM

Internal Wiring Routing



Aisin AW TCM Relearn Procedure:

09G Info

VW - 09K/09M

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