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45RFE 1999 - 2004 With Black Connector                                                              Part# 10-133

5-45RFE 2004-Up With White Connector                                                                Part# 10-134

68RFE 2007-10, 7 Check Ball, White Connector Solenoid Assembly                     Part# 10-134A

68RFE 2011-Up, 5 Check Ball, Gray Connector Solenoid Assembly                      Part# 10-134B

68RFE 2007-2010 Converted White Connector Solenoid Assembly                       Part# 10-134AC

68RFE 2011-Up Converted Gray Connector Solenoid Assembly                            Part# 10-134BC

65RFE 2012-Up                                                                                                       Part#10-134C


Note: Solenoid Assemble Not included


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