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AW55-50SN     2000-02, Volvo Casting# 9165,9167, Code A or No Code              Part# 90-101A


AW55-50SN     2002, Volvo Casting# 9165,9167, Code C (Use 90-101D)              Part# 90-101C


AW55-50SN     2004, Nissan Maxima, Quest                                                           Part# 90-101D

RE5F22A         2002-04, Volvo, Casting# 9168 NO B5 Spring


AW55-50SN     2005-Up, Nissan , Volvo With B5 Spring                                         Part# 90-101DD



Shift Solenoid (S2)B this solenoid

Normally closed for Volvo and Nissan

Normally open for GM, Saturn and Saab (Black Connector)


AF33-5                   Saturn, Saab Casting# 9167, Code A                                       Part# 90-101F


AF33-5                   2005 - Up, Equinox, With B5 Spring (Use 90-101FL)              Part# 90-101E


AF33-5                   2004 - Up, Saturn, Saab,  No B5 Spring                                  Part# 90-101FF


AF33-5                   2005 - Up, Saturn, Saab, Equinox, With B5 Spring                  Part# 90-101FL

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