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Disclaimer: This information is provided as an aid. It is correct to the best of our knowledge. Use it under your own risk.


Highlight Vehicle Communication, scroll to European and select Volkswagen




Scroll down and select Expert Mode



You will be reminded that ECU is susceptible to damage if manufactures instructions are not followed or you don’t stop communication before you disconnect scanner. More on this later



Select Engine Management Master and press Y


Answer question by pressing Y or N



You can select the protocol manually or just press Y and the scanner will detect the protocol automatically.



Turn Key On but make sure engine is not running.



Connect the correct Adapter and Key according to instruction from the Scanner. In this case it asked for DL-16 Adapter and S-44 Key.



This is an important reminder that you must stop communication when you finish, before scanner is disconnected. More instruction ahead on how to do this.



This screen will show the ECU ID and protocol ID. Press Y



Select 04 Basic Settings



You will be reminded what this function is going to do and the importance of having the proper manufactures instruction. Press Y


Scroll down and select Enter block number. You should have already the block number for the vehicle you are setting the Kick down Basic setting. We have found the majority use 063



Change the block number by using the up/down button and pressing Y when the number you want appears.



When the proper channel is selected press Y



Select OK and as you can see the channel selected appears at the far right under “Enter block Number” in this case 063. Press Y



4 Channels will appear, we are interested in 3 and 4. Channel 3 tells us we are doing the kick down basic settings and channel 4 tells us it is in adaptation Run. Press accelerator pedal all the way down until channel 4 changes to OK or I O



When channel 4 changes to I O or ADP. OK, press N but do not release the pedal until you see the next window



When you see this window you can release accelerator pedal. If pedal is release before you exit, channel 4 will read “Adap. Error”



It is important to stop communication with the ECU before disconnecting scanner. Just select 06 stop communication and press Y. You are done.



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