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Select Vehicle Comm. And scroll down to European, press Y and then scroll down
to Volkswagen and press Y


Go to Expert Mode and Press Y


This warning reminds you to consult the user manual to make sure you
follow the manuals instructions


Select Engine Management Master


Answer the question on this screen


You can select the protocol manually or just press Y and the scanner will detect it


Follow the instructions, Turn Key On but make sure engine is OFF


Make sure you have the proper adapter and Key. Press Y


This is an important reminder, you must stop communication when finished do not unplug scanner with out doing it. More of this ahead.


This screen shows the ECU after its identified. Press Y


Select Basic Setting. Press Y


After reading, Press Y


Select Enter block number and Press Y


Check the vehicles manual for the proper block number, most use 060 for Throttle Body Basic reset.


Use the up and down selector button to select the number, pressing Y after each number selection and when all 3 are selected Press Y


Select OK and Press Y



Do not touch accelerator pedal. Look at channel 4, it should read adaptation Runs, You will see the values of channel 1, 2 & 3 change as the throttle Body is adapting.




When channel 4 changes to ADP. OK press N to get out.



When you exit Throttle Body adaptation you will be sent back to Basic Setting. It is important that you stop communication before disconnecting Scanner


Scroll down to 06 Stop Communication and press Y before disconnecting scanner


This is the last screen you should see when done.

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